Book Index

Atonement and Reconciliation

A Biblical Exegetical Study

Author: Kevin George

This book is a work in progress. Posts on this blog are to enable readers to examine the manuscript and make commentary. These blog posts are NOT the final version!

Proposed Chapters:

  1. The Need to Know
  2. A Brief History Regarding Atonement Theories
  3. Biblical & Logical Problems With Penal Substitution Atonement
  4. Practical Consequences of PSA
  5. Roadmap to Resolution
  6. Bible Covenants
  7. Biblical Atonement
  8. Faith, Grace, and Works
  9. Biblical Justification and Righteousness
  10. Ransom, Redemption, and Purchase
  11. Sin, Filthy Rags, Propitiation, Expiation
  12. A New Look at Old Texts
  13. Reconsidering Isaiah 53
  14. The Gospels and Atonement Passages
  15. Acts Atonement Passages
  16. Romans 2 Atonement Passages
  17. Romans 3 Atonement Passages
  18. Romans 4 Atonement Passages
  19. Romans 5 Atonement Passages
  20. Romans 6 Atonement Passages
  21. Romans 7-8 Atonement Passages
  22. Corinthians and Atonement Passages
  23. Galatians and Atonement Passages
  24. Ephesians and Atonement Passages
  25. Colossians to Titus Atonement Passages
  26. Hebrews Atonement Passages
  27. James: Faith, Works, and Justification
  28. Peter’s Atonement Passages
  29. 1 John Atonement Passages
  30. Revelation and Atonement Passages

Appendix A: Reasons Why Jesus the Messiah Died

Appendix B: Answering Objections

Appendix C: Romans, Righteousness in Covenant?

Appendix D: Atonement Book Reviews – Objecting to William Lane Craig